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Intervention Services Near Washington, D.C.

It can be challenging to see someone close to you battling with substance use. But an intervention is able to make a real difference in persuading a family member or friend to get professional addiction treatment. By taking charge and organizing an intervention, you are able to express your concern and support for your loved one and guide them towards detox services near Washington, D.C. or the right path of rehabilitation.

If you want to organize an intervention for a family member or friend but don’t know how, call Sunrise Detox. We provide drug intervention services in the Washington, D.C. area. Our intervention experts can assist with resources and support for initiating an intervention, and if your friend or relation wants to start substance use treatment, we’ll enroll them immediately.

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Get Your Friend Or Family Member Assistance With Our Intervention Services Near Washington, D.C.

Organizing an intervention requires careful planning. If you neglect to take a tactful approach, you could drive away the individual you’re attempting to help and lose their trust. You’ll be more successful collaborating with one of our intervention specialists near Washington, D.C.. They are proficient at leading families through interventions and educating you on the appropriate actions and words to use. You’ll be more likely to accomplish the results you want for the intervention with our specialized skills.

We welcome you to reach out at 571-200-6997 at any time to discuss our intervention services near Washington, D.C.. We’ll speak about the person you would like to help and your questions in regards to performing an intervention. Once this is done, we can help with your choice of these approaches:

  • Our intervention specialists can support you on a call. They will train you on how to conduct the intervention yourself and can give assistance over the phone when you address your friend or relative. They are also able to speak to your loved one and respond to questions regarding how detox and recovery works. We’ll also highlight the consequences of not getting specialized help.
  • We can connect you to a professional interventionist in your area. Sunrise Detox has forged associations with specialized interventionists in the Washington, D.C. area and beyond. We are pleased to link you with a person who will organize and direct an intervention at your location. They can keep the intervention productive and offer specialized support to both you and the individual you’re assisting.

What Will An Intervention Include?

Two individuals partake in a meaningful chat about the various drug and alcohol intervention methods, including the Johnson Model, Invitational Model, Systemic Family Model, ARISE Model, Motivational Interviewing, CRAFT, and the Field Model, underscoring their individual approaches to recovery.

If you haven’t been part of an intervention previously, you could be uncertain about what ought to take place. Here are the basics of what an intervention ought to look like. If you wish to have further insights or support, contact us at 571-200-6997.

  1. Create a plan with other individuals who are concerned about the person you’re assisting, including friends, family, medical professionals, or clergy. You might also receive help from a professional interventionist to help keep the intervention on track.
  2. Pick a time and location to hold the intervention. Request your loved one to attend you there without disclosing to them the actual intent. Your support team should also be present.
  3. Begin the intervention by telling your loved one you are all there because you are worried about them and detail how drug or alcohol use is impacting their life.
  4. Everyone should then get a chance to share how your loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction has individually affected them.
  5. Offer options for care and potential consequences for not finding help. Stay patient and empathetic, but assertive if they become defensive. You may rely on the interventionist to assist whenever necessary.
  6. If they consent to treatment, be ready to bring them to detox or a rehab provider without delay.

Can You Hold An Intervention At Detox?

At Sunrise Detox, we appreciate that it’s difficult to say goodbye to everyday life and enroll in a facility for care. We know withdrawal is uncomfortable, and many people may wish to stop and go back home right away. Other patients could plan to leave as soon as they are feeling a bit better. But, we never want to force anyone into a hazardous situation by discharging them prematurely. When somebody wishes to exit prematurely, we’ll intervene and work with them to keep up treatment until the drug has fully left the system and an aftercare plan has been made.

Our alcohol and drug intervention services near Washington, D.C. are intended to keep people out of danger. If a person rejects treatment and imperils their life and well-being, we do everything in our power to help them realize why they should remain and complete detox. An on-location intervention with them and their loved ones will allow us to explore:

  • Why the patient wants to exit early
  • Why our team feels they need to remain
  • The risks of relapse or overdose they will face
  • If a different form of treatment is appropriate at this juncture
  • How Sunrise Detox personnel and relations can better support the patient to help them complete detox

Sunrise Detox Will Answer Your Questions About Alcohol Or Drug Interventions And Detox

Helping somebody detox is a group effort, and we are pleased to collaborate with families to support their loved ones over the course of this process. Addiction recovery can appear to be complex and taxing, and we are here to help all parties involved understand the process. We urge families to get in touch when they have a question about substance use and detox. We’ll happily offer information and resources regarding:

  • When someone requires addiction care
  • Why medically-supervised detox is non-negotiable
  • Our objectives and detox treatment methods
  • How to support your friend or relative during detox
  • How to manage the difficulty of having someone you love in detox

If you need to learn more about drug or alcohol detox at Sunrise Detox Fairfax before enrolling a person close to you, call us at 571-200-6997 at any time. We are always ready to explain any topic you want to talk about.

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