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Am I An Alcoholic? Try This Alcohol Use Disorder Assessment For Washington, D.C.

While having an alcohol use disorder can hurt your body and friendships, the signs of alcoholism may be hard to spot. If you’re wondering whether you or a family member’s routines have risen to a disorder, our Alcohol Use Assessment for Washington, D.C. can help. Use this assessment to find out more about the signals of alcohol use disorder and see if it’s the time to seek treatment.

What Makes Me An Alcoholic?

Alcoholism is a chronic condition in which someone cannot stop their behaviors of problem alcohol consumptions that impede their day-to-day life. The degrees of alcohol use disorder can differ, ranging from mild to extreme addiction, and might negatively impact your physical and mental health, work or education, and social life.

What Are Some Symptoms Of Alcohol Use Disorder?

Those with an alcohol use disorder might be dealing with:

  • Strong urges to drink
  • Little control over their consumption
  • Drinking despite dangerous situations
  • Physical and mental health problems stemming from excessive drinking
  • Disruptive work or school attendance caused by alcohol
  • Friends and family strain started by alcohol use

Is There A Cure For Alcoholism?

Alcoholism cannot be cured in the conventional sense, but a professional treatment center can teach you to manage the reasons for drinking and help you stay sober.

The sooner you seek help, the better. Start by completing our alcohol use disorder quiz for Washington, D.C. and reaching out to Sunrise Detox by calling 571-200-6997 when you still have questions or want services for your alcohol use. Until our Fairfax facility opens in 2024. We’re ready to enroll you at a nearby location if you need it.

NOTE:This self-assessment should not be used as a replacement for a professional evaluation.

Treatment for an alcohol use disorder usually uses a combination of counseling, medication, and support. Detox is usually the first stage to a safe recovery to clean out your system of alcohol and manage withdrawal symptoms. After detox, our expert counselors can help make a personal treatment plan leading to a stable recovery.