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Sunrise Detox Costs Near Washington, D.C.

At Sunrise Detox, we attempt to make our detox services as economical as possible while still giving you exceptional, individualized care. We invite you to continue reading to get more information on Sunrise Detox costs in Washington, D.C. and how we work with your insurance provider to cover as much of your stay as possible If you can’t locate the answers to your concerns about insurance and costs, call us at 571-200-6997 day or night. We are always available to guide you.

How Much Does Detox Cost Near Washington, D.C.?

patient asking nurse about costs associated with detox at Sunrise Detox Fairfax

Several factors will impact your final Sunrise Detox costs in Washington, D.C.:

  • What types of treatment and medication you receive during detox
  • Whether or not you have insurance
  • What your insurance company covers
  • In the event of self-pay, your stay at our facility

When you reach out to us about admissions, our skilled team will inquire about your insurance policy information and clarify how we will determine the cost of your care. After finding out more about your insurance policy, we are able to give you an assessment of how much our detox care will cost you out of pocket. Then we’ll advise you of additional costs as your care advances. We are always happy to attend to any questions about your charges and talk through financial arrangements.

Is Detox Covered By Insurance In Washington, D.C.?

Sunrise Detox Fairfax welcomes a vast number of commercial insurance coverages. We presently cannot take Medicaid. Please reach out to 571-200-6997 to talk about updated Medicare policies.

Your insurance policy will determine if you will have any out-of-pocket costs for detox. Our expert staff is well-versed with all types of insurance plans and will happily work with your insurer to get as much covered as possible. We'll do everything in our power to make sure you get the maximum benefits of your policy. We'll even support you in completing the paperwork for programs like FMLA and short-term disability. When all your benefits are applied, we’ll let you know of any remaining charges you owe us.

If your policy won’t cover your Sunrise Detox costs in Washington, D.C., we will aid you in choosing an economical self-pay solution. You are entitled to the best substance use care, and we are happy to work with you to ensure this happens.

Insurance Providers We Work With

Our goal to assist as many patients, families, and regions as we can. This entails working with many different health insurance companies. Below is a sampling of the major in-network insurers we partner with. Reach out to us at 571-200-6997 today to determine if we take your insurance coverage.

Can I Get Care From Sunrise Detox Fairfax If I’m Without Insurance?

Not having insurance shouldn’t prevent you from obtaining quality addiction support. You will still be accepted at our detox center if you have modest coverage or none at all. If this is your situation, we’ll let you know our present self-pay rate and talk about your options for payment.

Even when our payment arrangements don't work for you, we still want you to detox in a safe manner. We'll help you select a different treatment center that fits your needs more effectively. Your health is our top priority.

Make The First Move Toward Recovery Today

If you or a loved one needs help with detox for substance use, don't wait. Call us at 571-200-6997 or fill out the form here. Our team is ready to help 24/7. Our new Fairfax center is being built, but we're still here for you. We can guide you to a nearby location or add you to our waiting list. Reach out today, let's start your recovery journey.