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Detox For Anxiety And Addiction Near Washington, D.C.

You should have extensive care when detoxing from drugs or alcohol when you also have an anxiety disorder. At Sunrise Detox, we know that anxiety disorders aren’t a hurdle to get past but are frequently at the heart of substance use disorders. If you grapple with anxiety and addiction near Washington, D.C., call 571-200-6997 for immediate help detoxing from alcohol or different drugs in a secure, compassionate setting.

Stop The Addiction-Anxiety Cycle At Sunrise

The strain of anxiety can stop you from finding enjoyment in life. Untreated or undiagnosed anxiety may become particularly insufferable. Alcohol or drugs can deaden those feelings, but this option only worsens the situation over the long haul. 

Self-medicating with addictive substances may temporarily suppress anxiety and supply the impression of coping. As the feel-good effects wane, the feelings of anxiety can return even stronger than before. When you keep using, the downturn can be even more debilitating. Over time, your anxiety-substance use spiral becomes an addiction. If you halt the use of drugs or alcohol, your body becomes distressed, and you are faced with withdrawal symptoms. 

When addiction settles in, you require medically guided detox support to free your body of the damaging substances. We are well aware of how the anxiety-addiction cycle impacts you physically and mentally. Contact 571-200-6997 now for safe detox services and mental health treatment for adults struggling with anxiety and addiction near Washington, D.C.. 

Learn How We Address Anxiety And Addiction Near Washington, D.C. 

The detox process is essential to commence addiction recovery. But, symptoms of anxiety and withdrawal can make it a challenge to finish. At Sunrise, we can help you feel solace from both and finish detox. We commence with an individual assessment to gain insight into your current state, what you must detox from, and your medical history. Then, we adapt our treatment methods to your needs. We maintain your safety and help you stay calm. Once we help you complete this initial step toward addiction recovery, we’ll help you locate additional support for both anxiety and substance use. 

Medical Support During Detox

Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol can lead to distress and illness. At Sunrise Detox Fairfax, our expert clinicians provide medical support for any affliction. We carry out vital sign assessments every 2 to 4 hours for your well-being and provide scientifically validated medications to minimize symptoms. Our team is skilled in providing you safe, properly timed doses to avoid fostering a secondhand addiction. 

You’ll also have ample time to recuperate in your furnished room and freshly-cooked meals whenever you would like. We have nursing staff on-site 24/7 to take care of you. 

Mental Health Therapy During Detox

Entering detox can be scary, specifically if you are already experiencing a co-occurring disorder like anxiety. The Sunrise clinicians are attuned to this. While your physical well-being is our top priority, we also strive to support you form an emotional standpoint. If you come to us with anxiety, we will watch how detox affects your mind and provide relief. We will also make certain you keep using any anti-anxiety medicine you are presently on. 

You’ll also have the option to start therapy at Sunrise if you choose. We provide 

All therapy is conducted by licensed therapists who experienced with the obstacles of anxiety and substance use. Under our guidance, you can begin to uncover the relationship between substance use disorders and mental health and learn healthy coping skills that will help you during your recovery journey and for the rest of your life. 

If you wish to begin treatment for anxiety and addiction near Washington, D.C., contact Sunrise at 571-200-6997 today. 

Come To Sunrise Detox Fairfax For Drug And Alcohol Detox

If you’re not sure where to get help with your anxiety and addiction near Washington, D.C., contact Sunrise Detox. We are prepared to help. We believe you have a right to only the best care for something as critical as substance detox. We supply a superior level of care with  

  • Safe, scientifically validated medical treatments
  • Voluntary mental health counseling
  • Expert 24-hour care given by well-trained team members and professionals
  • A reasonable daily routine to promote recovery
  • Clean, modern facility
  • A fully furnished bedroom with a private, attached bathroom
  • Wholesome meals made on-location 
  • Patient lounge areas and community activities
  • Commitment to patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Guidance for questions in regards to billing and insurance
  • Aftercare planning 

Get Help For Anxiety And Addiction Near Washington, D.C. Today

Help for addiction and anxiety disorders is here for you today. Call Sunrise at 571-200-6997 or submit our contact form for timely assistance with detox. We always respond swiftly, regardless of the hour. We are here to talk to you now.